I look back at Thanksgiving with peace in my heart and extra girth to my waist, and say 'it is all good"......well, maybe not the girth part, but whatever.

Now Christmas is approaching with all the usual anticipation. Tonight Wayne and I are selling his mirrors at the Ludema Floral Holiday Open House in Grand Rapids from 5 to 8pm.
There will be Waynedrops and peace mirrors, face mirrors and Starnites.  Really fun options for Holiday gift giving.

I will be leaving the open house a little early to attend my second blogging class so that I will in the future, be able to have the most fabulous blog ever!

The wind is howling today, rattling the windows as I write this. When I went out to the barn to feed Mot a little while ago, I just crouched on the floor and held that chilly kitty until he squirmed and want to get on with the business of eating his breakfast. But there is nothing like being in a huge, I mean HUGE, old barn on a windy day to send a shiver of adrenaline right up your back. It's really an amazing experience!

Have a great day folks!