Merizon Studio: Gratitude Today I am grateful for a chapter close...

Merizon Studio: Gratitude

Today I am grateful for a chapter close...
: Gratitude Today I am grateful for a chapter closed in the book of my life. It is a chapter of which I do not care to discuss the contents ...

Today I am grateful for a chapter closed in the book of my life. It is a chapter of which I do not care to discuss the contents of, but never the less, it is closed and I am moving on down the road! Sort of an apropos way to wind up the year!

It just makes me have better understanding, that life is not linear in it's experience. There are all sorts of circle arounds, back tracks, jumping aheads. I know that is a super simple way to describe an amazingly complex event, ones' life. But really, I have accrued just a fractional increase of wisdom this day, and I like it! I feel really peaceful and content in this world of discontent. I wish the same to you!


As I was uploading photos of my husband, Wayne's hand made mirrors on to my Merizon Studio facebook page, my thoughts turned to the history of mirrors and art. Specifically, paintings. Upon looking up mirrors there was a ton of information going back practically to the beginning of time! Being a visual person, my mind began to wander with all the verbage and I focused on some of the many paintings I found that contained mirrors, or that had mirrors for self portrait use. Here are a few that I liked!

                             Jan Van Eyck ~ 1390-1491  "Arnolfini Portrait" oil on board

Edouard Manet ~ "A Bar at the Folies-Bergere" 1882

Pablo Picasso ~ "Girl Before a Mirror"  1932

M C Escher ~ "Hand with Reflecting Sphere" 1935



What a beautiful, moody day for being in December already! It makes me feel as though I am living on the British Isles with all this mist and fog. I am still in the process of putting up Christmas decorations, but am distracted by the out -of- doors and prefer to revel in the beauty of Mother Nature on this mysterious Sunday afternoon. These girls seem to like it too!
Here are a couple new images of "Nanok" or Nancy Davis's work available at Merizon Studio.

This first painting, "Village on the Hill" oil, measures 20"x 24" and is on a stretched canvas without a frame. It is priced at $250.00.

The photo of the mirrored images have two of Nancy's paintings, the first being called "How Many Vase's", the second reflection is just a portion of a  brilliant painting named "Celebration of Life".
"How Many Vases", oil on board, measures 11' x14" and is priced at $140.00. "Celebration of Life" oil on board, measures 36" x 24" and is priced at $500.00.

The mirror in which the paintings reflect, is made by Wayne and is not for sale, however he can make you a custom mirror to your specs, shape being within reason, and before Christmas, if ordered before December 10th. Prices depends on size and estimated time.


Today is the day to go out and get our tree! We haven't had a Christmas tree in the past several years for some reason or other, and so I am extra excited. We will put it right in front of the picture window facing the north so that all the people driving up the hill can see our beacon of holiday spirit! This will induce me to clean the house, throw out the old dusty black and orange Halloween candles and get my red and green going on.

I have always tended to not be a "keeper" and so I do not have a specific box or boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations. I do not have the color coded plastic tubs tucked up in the attic. I do, however, have a few ornaments given to me over the years packed in various places that I run across while looking for other things. My tree may need a lot of strung popcorn and paper snowflakes to compliment the beautiful green foliage.

I am secretly pleasantly pleased to take on this challenge of hosting a family Christmas party out here on the homestead. I want to make it a memorable, uplifting experience for my family. A time for stepping out of the stress's of the daily grind for just awhile. I picture everyone with a smile on their faces. Non of that forced or fake stuff.

I want to hear laughter and easy chatting. Should we have soft music playing in the background? That would certainly be a revolutionary thing for this group. In my family we were taught to respect music and take it seriously. To have it as a background does not show respect. You either listen to music or you don't have it playing, period. I remember my dad telling me of a party to which he was invited as a young man, where there were jazz musicians playing their instruments to a happy, drinking, partying crowd. "No one was even listening to the music" he said with disdain! Soon, he had had enough and left via an open window....That's what he told me!?

by Mark Merizon

Anyway, yes, I need to start planning for my Christmas party now, and getting the tree will be a major motivator, "see stew?", as my daddy would say!