Out the window.

I am sitting at the kitchen window with my coffee and cookies, staring at the birds both large and small. The turkeys are here, scratching with their huge pointy turkey feet. They scratch around the bird feeders so as to clean up all the abandoned seeds from the smaller birds. This seems ironic to me.

The smaller birds flit around overhead on the feeders, kicking out even more bits for the turks. They are not afraid in the least of these enormous creatures.

How the turkeys can fill up their huge bodies with such small pickings is beyond me. Obviously they must have a lot of regular stops during the day.

There still are about 25 total body count, alive and well, but I wonder what kind of a toll this weather takes on the flock. Is a group of turkeys even called a flock? And I can't believe I am sitting here writing about turkeys in the first place!

They really are beautiful in their own way. The rich browns and tans and exquisite designs of their feathers are hard to see unless you can get really close. Their heads are a sort of  red and white mixture, with circles around smallish eyes, giving them a strange, peering look.

I never knew how to tell the males from the females, but the males have these weird tufts that come out of their chests. Cute. The females out number the males something like  8 or 9 to 10. Lucky dudes!

 I wonder who the leader of the pack/flock is? I think they live in the thick brushy trees behind the outhouse. They go from whence they come...... See you guys tomorrow hopefully!

One more picture before I go and get ready for a day of framing. This is what my bird feeder looked like last winter. These guys came every day, and every day I would feed them cat food, despite Wayne's warnings that I would not be able to get rid of the things once I fed them. I have not seen one possum so far this winter! I miss them. Possums are cuter than turkeys.

                                                         Have a wonderful day!