Musings of spring, weather and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

When I lived in the city, I always had mixed feelings about spring. I did not revel in the beauty as I do now. Spring meant facing all my neighbors who were all of a sudden, out and chatting to one another. Although I sometimes miss hearing the sounds of laughter out my window, activity, human life,  the coming and going, it was difficult for me to shed my reclusive self and pull my social skills back around me.

painting by Armand Merizon, Scherzo, which means vigorous, light or playful compositon.

Now, things are different. I listen for the birds. I can't wait to go outside and just be quiet, feel the sunshine. I throw my arms into the air and stretch my tired limbs. I take deep breaths. I laugh out loud. The country has it's own celebratory song.

Last evening a storm came out of nowhere. The sky turned a yellowish orange. It began to rain with a vengeance.

Then after a little while, all was back to normal again and the sun slide down behind the field, quietly.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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  1. Chantal. You are so talented. This photo essay is gorgeous and poignant. I so look forward to your posts. Happy March.