Springtime in the country

Looking toward the Maier's.

 This is the lower part of the barn, facing South. That is a dogwood tree my brother, Mark, planted for my mother, years ago. In the distance you can see the tops of the Maier's barns. Our neighbors since we moved out here. They are  located across 92nd Street on Kalamazoo.

The Nature trail.
 The Nature Trail is something that has been around for many, many years. My brother Mark created it one summer and we've maintained it ever since. It is simply a trail that circles the crown of the hill, where the pasture used to be. Forever, my mom used to walk her dogs around this trail. First, her beagle, Sniffy and then Teddy, the pom, who still lives with my sister, René.

                   Behind the chicken coop which is more accurately known as a hog house.

 My sisters, René and Michele raised Rhode Island Reds, a type of chicken, in this building. It was also the home of our first dog, Franz, a beautiful, black lab pup, who we loved on more than anything for nearly 14 years. He rather quickly found his way into the house where he took ownership of our family couch for most of his life. Oh, we loved that dog!

Flowering fruit trees.

Shortly after we moved here, one Mother's Day, all of us kids gave our mother this really small apple tree from Franks nursery. It grew to be huge and now sports two different kinds of apples each fall. The deer love to graze around this tree in the early morning hours. So do the turkeys.

Looking north toward the city.
 This view that faces north, is incredible to me. That lone fence post is what is left of a pasture fence that surrounded the neighbors cows. We would let them graze in our pasture and they would repay us with a side of beef. Pretty cool for a city family of 7 who only knew meat from the counter at Norwood's in Eastown. As a pasture, this hill had no trees and the view of the northern horizon was wide open. You could see all of Grand Rapids from the far west side to the far south side. On the 4th of July the fireworks across the sky were a sight to behold!

Bluebird house, most likely with sparrows in residence.

 My mother loved blue birds and always wanted them to make their home near us. She put up several houses but they never seemed to stay too long when they visited. The sparrows happily took up housekeeping in the cozy little boxes and really, they are precious too.

The old pear tree in bloom once again.

This most amazing, stately pear tree was thought to be elderly when my family moved here way back in 1968! Huge limbs have fallen off during the numerous storms and high winds that seem common up here, but she just keeps on keeping on. On wild, windy nights I say a silent prayer that the old fruit tree will hold her own.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Chantal. By the way, you guys loved Franz but he sure scared the begeezess out of many visitors! :)