Spring is now moving along so fast, I just want to say, "slow down so I can catch up!"
I feel that way in general about life I guess. It just clips along. Now, May.

 I sat on Leah's swing the other morning which is positioned on the east edge of the pasture. It is right beyond Michele's Cabin, so I stopped and invited Mot to join me.

Sitting there on the warm weathered boards of the swing, I felt as though I was sitting on the sidelines of an empty baseball field, waiting for the game to begin. I knew if I sat there long enough, it would!

There were birds singing all around me. The breeze was perfect and the sun was warm. I thought about the up coming art reception next week and all the things I needed to do for it. I thought about my family and friends. All the people I love. I thought about how damn lucky I was to be sitting right there, right then. Honestly, I am constantly amazed at how fortunate I am in my life.

Sure enough! Pretty soon across the field I saw something black. I watched as it slowly changed shape from round to oblong and then round again. It was the strangest sort of undulating movement! Then I saw a spot of red and white. I realized that it was a Tom turkey and it was showing off for something out of my eyesight. I zoomed in my camera as much as I could. What a big, sexy guy he was!

 Mot just sat there and purred.