old and even older paintings by armand merizon

                                                                  old stone barn, 1963.

This painting belonged to my dad and mom and hung in our living room forever. This is unusual in that my dad almost always had to try and sell his work in order to feed his family. Most of his finished pieces were out the door almost before the varnish dried.  Old Stone Barn measures about 12" x 16" and was done in oils with a dry brush.

                                                                Point Betsy, early 60's.

This painting belongs to a physician patron of my dad's. He was gracious enough to let me photograph it and told me how my dad would just stop over at his house every now and then with a new painting. "Do you like it?" my dad would say, and if the response was positive, a swapping of cash and painting took place on the spot. That would be a good day for all of us.


untitled, 1936

This was painted when my dad was 16 years old and hung in my brother Marks room as long as I can remember. I love the expression on the boys face as he thinks he's finally got a big one, when actually, his grandfather secretly tosses cattails into the water, making a splash. At least that seems to be what the painting is all about!I think my dad was probably influenced by Norman Rockwell in his youth.

                                                                   untitled, early 1930's

This painting is of the same time as the one above. The style, colors and  simplicity are all very similar and the size of the stretched canvas are nearly the same, approximately 18" x 24". I love the clouds and the big feeling of the sky set to scale by the fence in the foreground.