It's been a long time since I have been here. It was July but all of a sudden the last few days of  October are dancing by.

The weather is chilly, the leaves are off the trees and lie scattered on the ground. The days are getting shorter. I closed the barn windows that are the doors for the summer barn swallows who are long gone by now.

  Here are a few images of the farm yard including my buddy, Mot. I have begun to adore this guy with lopped off ears. He seriously follows me around like a canine creature. He still has his catness about him, but is so devoted to me.



                         Mot is following me to the cabin for food and comfiness.

 here he comes.

 Mot takes his time to round the corner.

 i love the way this weedy vine turns red.

the outhouse is the most amazing little building.

 looking north toward the city.

                      The pear tree, at rest after it's bountiful offerings.