Happy New Year! 


The year of 2013 is already 7 days old and so before another minute goes by, I would like to greet you and wish you the very best for this new year. May you be healthy, wealthy and wise as the quote goes. (who did say that, Benjamin Franklin?)

looking out my kitchen window.

I am excited as we head into 2013 as I have a lot of new plans for Merizon Studio this year, including
 the launching of fine art, or giclée prints, by Armand Merizon,  a perfect lead off to 2013 at Merizon Studio!
Please stay tuned for more information regarding coming shows as it rolls in.  Thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, I would like to share with you some recent photos of my favorite animal family members and a couple miscellaneous shots. The pictures are in random order as I have already been sitting here for almost an hour trying to put them in the order that I want.




Deezil is my oldest and sweetest kitty of 10 years. My mother found him right outside this window back in 2003. She tried to keep him as her own but she had allergies to cats and finally had to give him to me when she could no longer breathe well.

Teddy and Bandit

Teddy and Bandit aka Wolfy both live with my sister René. Teddy was originally my mom and dads pom, but was adopted by René. Wolfy came along soon after my dad died. I regret that he wasn't able to meet the big boy as Bandit is the sweetest, hugest most beautiful dog. Teddy likes him just fine.

Ollie and Lucy Lou.

 These are Aimés new doggies from 2012.  Ollie is in the foreground and was the first of the two to find Aimé. Lucy came along shortly after. It didn't take long for them to become brother and sister for life. I do not get to see them often as they live in Arcadia.




Wild turkeys

There are about 20 turkeys that live in the trees just past our barnyard. Every day, once or twice, they come rushing into the yard, one behind the other to inspect the dropping from the birdfeeders. They are so beautiful against the snow.


This is Mot. I have been writing about him for some time now. I have been really wishywashy about this boy and several times have tried to find him another home. My indoor ones do not like him and are downright unfriendly to him. There is always a lot of loud fussing when Mot comes around.
Another reason is that I have recently discovered that Mot has feline leukemia or rather, he is a carrier of the disease. He is not sick but could potentially pass the illness on to other cats. Therefore, Mot continues to live in the cabin and I continue to visit him every day. I let him out to roam the barnyard for a little while on nice days as I know he gets a little crazy being in the cabin all the time. I have to keep an eye on him though, as he has come back to me with war wounds more than once. This seemingly pristine and lovely farm has unseen danger and predators that lurk around in the shadows.