Hi. It is mid March and although I am happy to see the snow lose a 

little of it's vim and vigor, I haven't truly embraced this new 

year. I mean, wow! I don't want to sound all cliché, but where the 

hell has the time gone?

I thought that since there is no impending event or show scheduled 

for these first several months of 2013, that I would have all kinds 

of time to just read and coz out with my cats and hubby. Enjoy the 

quietness of winter, you know?

I seriously agree when I hear people saying that the culture in 

which we live is way to hectic and jam packed with stuff. I mean, 

give me a break! Is it because I am 55 years along? Seems to me that

winters of past, I had time to just, you know, do nothing, for long 

stretches of time.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I don't want to get out of bed

in the morning or any such thing as that. I just want to be able to 

get a handle on things. But enough of my rambling gripe.

Songs from the White Album are floating through the air. Very 

apropos! I am eating chocolate kisses when I should be making 


 One thing I have been doing is posting paintings by my dad daily on

facebook. I would like to begin posting them here as well. So here 

are a couple to start us out with.

 The one on top is a self portrait of my dad that he did around the 

time that I was just a little tike. He was always a little scary 

even though I was used to seeing him around. The guy behind the 

painting is my baby, Deezil.

This one is just cool! That old car with the reflection reminds me 

of good things. Times gone by.

The old store front and the car are the only non abstracts in the 


This one is a more recent painting, from the new, 21st century 

anyway. I am not sure of the exact year. When my dad began losing 

his eye site our whole family was freaked out. What would happen? 

The artist would adjust, is what. The artist would ultimately

become a much better, more creative artist for it. It still sucked 


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