March 27th

I do believe, that in spite of the weak attempt to cover our earth in white again, Mother Nature has finally decided to gracefully move ahead with plans for spring.

The sparkling sun on the tree limbs outside my window is doing wonders for my state of mind this morning. I feel open and receptive to all that is good! (wink at Aimé!)

This past week has been a rather humbling learning experience for many in my family. You would think that by the time you reach your fifties and sixties, that you would have it all worked out. No more stupid decisions. No more impulsive actions.

Wrong! I am now inclined to believe the tendency to goof up, never leaves us! Maybe the forgiveness and ability to pull ones boot straps up and go on, is a little more forthcoming. Thank God for that, I guess. But yeah, when being led by the heart, sometimes the mind gets ignored.

The wonderful thing is that all is ok. Maybe better than ok. That is the mystery of life.

I want to wish my brother, Mark a happy birthday on this past Sunday, the 24th. He is now 60 years old! I find that incomprehensible. May you have a wonderful year, my best and only brother! I love you!

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