Mot, again...

It's that time of day again. It's Mot time.
I can't just come out and see him any old time. I have to wait until the Big House cats are: a) sleeping, or b) eating!

Otherwise Maudie and Deezil both, just give me the most horrible, guilt provoking looks! But the worst of it is, should they get a wiff of Mot cat on me, they might just squat and pee right then, right there,
where ever they happen to be!! This terrifies me because cat pee is awful, seriously.

So basically I feel terrorized by my Big House cats, because I spend time with lonely, Little House cat.

And I love Mot more every day!
He is overflowing with character and comical cuteness. His purr is loud, and sort of like a baby raccoon. Kind of wild and insistent.

He does not seem to take me for granted like Maudie and Deez! We both just sit here, listening to classical music. His ears tell me that he is listening. I leave it playing when I go.

He loves to be brushed and let's me scrub away on him until finally he gets weary of it and takes a quick swipe at me. All the while, motoring away.

He's seen both sides of life, Mot. To have and to have not.

That's why he has so much love to give. That is why he has so much gratitude.

I hate to say it , but his life circumstances have made him so much more interesting.
No wonder the Big House cats get so pissed!

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  1. A beautiful story about your cat, Chantal! Loved reading it and you write so eloquently about your pet!