Coffee, Brownies and Art.

A Sunday afternoon look at subtle, palette impressions! 

Paintings by Armand Merizon.

Armand Merizon, 1980.

This one is appealing to me first of all,  because of the extreme horizonal shape. The wispy, abstract, background with the realistic trees lined up creates a calming, almost comforting feeling. Natural order.

Armand Merizon

This is actually a very small painting. It measures approx 8"x 6", maybe a bit smaller.
The luxurious, heavy impasto technique creates huge impact for such a petite piece. A painting of spring, renewal and optimism!

Refreshing in color and light. The vertical beams of atmosphere and the seagull, are essential to the composition. They invite the eye to go up and around the painting.

The Third Brother, by Armand Merizon.

 A somber, yet beautiful painting. The renewal of spring, the celebration of a life lived. It's natural and right.

Armand Merizon

Simple and beautiful.

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