Out the Window

Yesterday was my "Open Studio" Wednesday.I 

needed to be out in the studio with 

my doors open by 10 am, for anyone who wanted to come visit me.

I was racing around, getting ready to head out when I happened to

 glance out the kitchen window to 

see a total turkey extravaganza in the farm yard. There were maybe

 20 turkeys, all milling around, 

pecking under the bird feeders. Some of the brave turks were 

standing under one of my reachable feeders, craning their long necks

 upwards, and feasting away, with gusto.


  In the meantime there were three, very sexy males strutting around

 in full "puff" splendor!  Their feathers were

 spread out in huge fans which made them look like giant pinwheels

 from behind. Designs and intricate patterns of browns, beige and

 white. So amazingly beautiful!

 In contrast, their faces were all a ghostly white which would turn

blue and then back to white. They also had really large, bright red 

balls under their chins or rather ,on their necks. Wow!

Every so often, actually often, they would do this very proud, slow 

motion turn around. Their heads were held high and they would


 It was the strangest sight! The wind would bend and turn their fans

every which way.

 The hens or ladies seemed to ignore these glorious visions except 

when one of them would start to run at her, with his big fan and 

major desire, pushing him forward! 

And here I thought humans were complicated...

 Finally they began to wander off toward the field. What a show!

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