The Jester and other news.

I have been spending the last couple of months working on closing 

my dad's estate, among other "must do" but not very interesting 

things. In the meantime, as I write this, summer has come, and is

in her glory.

 Little by little I can see progress in our lives out here in the 

country. Wayne and I have lived here 3 years now. Again, I am 

flabbergasted by how fast time flies.

To have my name finally on the deed of 9087 Kalamazoo Ave, is a  

huge relief, on one hand, and a big responsibility on the other. 

It's not easy keeping up an old farm house, a barn and 5 other

out buildings. It's not easy, but it is so worth it! I am very 

grateful to have a handy hubby who love's me and who takes great 

interest and pride in this place!

Our next project is putting a new roof on the studio. I don't think 

it has been replaced since my dad first converted the chicken coop 

into his "Pavilion of Intelligence" as he fondly referred to his new

work space. That was way back in the early 70's. It will give me a 

great sense of satisfaction to complete our mission of restoration 

to this wonderful building. I will be sure to post "after" pix once

the job has been completed.

Merizon Studio

There have been several inquires about art shows or events here

and if there are plans to continue them. The answer is a resounding,

yes! We had jumped right into having these fantastic gatherings 

early in the spring of 2011 when Charles LaRue, one of my favorite 

local artists, raised the idea. His memorable show was the first of 

8 altogether. Each of which, were interesting and fun to put on, in

their own way.

 These shows do take time to plan, and a lot of elbow grease to 

prepare for. That is why there has not been any thing going on this 

spring or summer so far. I wanted to take some time to re-evaluate 

how to go about honoring local artists in the most effective and 

economical way possible. Also, as I mentioned, attention to some 

basic issues took priority.

One of the things that I am excited about are my "Open Studio

 Wednesdays". Since early spring I have designated Wednesdays' as a 

time when, you, my friends and customers, can feel comfortable

in coming out whenever you feel like it, bring your framing needs, 

knowing that I am in the studio, ready to assist you. 

This way, Merizon Studio is like any other store on Wednesdays.

 Open for business!

I met my next artist at one of these "Open Studios". Her name is

 Debra Sportel and she is lovely!

Deb grew up around here and I actually knew her slightly when we 

were kids. She went to Byron Center and I went to Caledonia. Her 

family, the Maiers', still live this area. They were the first

family we met when we moved here from Eastown in 1968.

Anyway, Deb is one of those people with whom you feel instantly 

comfortable with. She brought some of her photographs for me to 

frame and we ended up talking for a long time. She eyed a painting 

by my dad that I had just acquired and fell in love with it.

 Two days later she was back again. This time, to buy the painting. 

Debra is a professional photographer and painter. I was delighted

to learn that she lived right around the corner on a farm with

her husband, Randy. Deb invited me to her home to see more of her 

work. I liked it very much, and together we made plans for an 

August 24th show, of which you will hear more about in the up 

coming weeks. I am totally geeked for this one!

Aside from being a great person and refreshing artist, Debra is 

also savvy with photoshop! She helped me design a card logo that I

 plan to use for the sales of my dad's giclĂ©e's. I have had

this image under wraps for several weeks now. I love it so much I

 didn't just want to throw it out there, but then I guess there is 

no time like the present!

Jester, by Armand Merizon

Isn't it cool?!