Monday, art and cookies.

Today is Monday, August 26th. 

I finally pulled myself out of bed at 9:30 after having my phone 

whistle at me a couple of times, signaling texts from any number of 

persons needing to clue me in on something. New things are 

happening. Get up, get up. I have to tell you something....

I am on my second cup of coffee. I already ate three molasses 

cookies left over from Saturdays opening for Debra Sportel. If I eat

another one any time soon, I will be sick! I knew when I was making 

them, that I was going overboard by at least 1 extra recipe. I was 

still baking when Deb arrived at 3:15,45 minutes before the opening 

was to begin. She exclaimed how nice it smelled on her walk into the

house. I shot my sister a quick,"see?" look. 

Aimé had been there with me as I kept pulling the dough out of the 

fridge, rolling little balls, sugering, flicking with water, and 

popping in the oven. Then I would disappear for 8 minutes to do some

chore in rather late prep for the shindig. I would hear the timer go

off and head back to the kitchen to pull out fresh, spicy round

wafers of  pure goodness. 

At one point Aimé, in her no nonsense tone of voice, suggested that

maybe I should shower and get ready. She indicated that maybe I 

should be putting the dough away. I told her that Deb had read some 

place that the scent of cinnamon actually induced men to spend 

money, and strawberry for women. I wanted to see it this could be 

true. I think I heard some grumblings from my sister, but I kept 

quiet as I knew she had been under a lot of stress, same as myself.

I just kept baking, and running around.

I have made this particular cookie for most of my art shows. I just 

like to make them. They remind me of my mother. I make them in her 

kitchen. I think it calms me. Helps me focus. Although, maybe the 

next time, I won't wait until the last moment.

Anyway, the opening was nice. It was different than the others. 

There really are never any two the same. I was slightly concerned 

that since I hadn't had a show since last December, that the turnout

might be questionable. But no, the house was always full of people 

for over four hours. There was the constant sound of voices,

laughter, music all mixed up in one pleasant auditory stimuli.

Debra was radiantly beautiful! Her sense of style is perfectly

agreeable to me. You wouldn't have believed that she is actually a 

grandmother, 7 times over. Nope. She looked marvelous! 

Deb and I hung the show Friday afternoon. It took us a couple of

 hours, but it turned out really appealing. Her "palette" she uses 

in her art, earth tones, jewel colors, contrasted with the stark 

black and white of her photos, create a perfect effect. I will enjoy

having this show hang for a few weeks!

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