Old family photos.


 My brother, Mark, in our kitchen on Thomas Street before the linoleum was changed. I love that old pattern and have seen it since some place. The white table behind Mark is where my mom did all her baking prep. I love Mark's cowboy boots and striped shirt. The epitome of the 50's!

René, Mark, Chantal, Betty and Michele.

 My mom read to us all the time! In the evening, right before bed and when we would come home from school for lunch. I am so indebted to her for this! I love reading to this day, because of my mother.

Aimé and Mark

 Aimé and Mark on the lower landing of the stairwell. There is a mirror to Aimé's left. It looks like she was playing "dress up" one of our main pastimes. Mark appears to be wearing his Cub Scout shirt. He is in typical form while having his picture taken. Look at the design on the wall. This plaster application was what I grew up with. I soon learned that most houses did not have this type of wall. I think I actually became self conscious of it when my friends came over. Now I know that it was very cool. They just don't make houses like that anymore. This was also Thomas Street.

Betty holding Chantal with Mark and one of the twins looking out the window.

Out for a summer evening "ride". Since we lived in the city, our dad would take us out to the country every possible evening  in the summer time. We would go out to the train tracks mostly, but sometimes we would investigate abandoned houses. There was a specific house out by where the airport is now.  My dad coined it "The Spook House". This very well could be it.