October 23rd.

Today is a cold and wet October Wednesday. I am sitting at my computer with one eye out the

window so as to spot any visitors that may stop  by. 

So far today, and it is just about 3 pm, I have had one customer. A gentleman who brought over a

Merizon pen and ink that he inherited.  He wanted to either sell the drawing or find out the value. I

told him that in my opinion it was valued between 500.00 and 1000.00, but that if he wanted a

professional appraisal, to go to Perception Gallery in Grand Rapids, and talk to Kim Smith,

my go to for any info that I am not quite sure of.

The Torch Dancer, by Armand Merizon.

I really love this piece for many reasons. It is not a typical Merizon by any means, so therefore,

 I think it must have been a commission which was something my dad did quite often in those days.

I like the way the main subject, the singer, is so detailed, right down to small little rivets on her

shoes. She looks a bit like Katherine Hepburn, with a popular hairdo common in the late thirties and

forties. Very glamorous! 

 I love the small glass she has in her black gloved hand. I imagine it to be a brandy or a Grand

Mariner, some type of wonderful intoxicant! 
 The pianist reminds me of Artur Schnabel, my dad's favorite pianist and composer. The way he

combs his hair back and from what I see of his build, is quite similar.

I love how the people in the background, including the piano player, are all either gestures or

shadows with vertical lines. These lines are complimented by the horizontal lines on the piano.

And then there are the wisps of smoke rising here and there!

Ah, the good old days!