June 8th 2015

Monday, June 8th.

Today is a bit bittersweet as I am taking down the "Light Impressions" exhibit by local West Michigan artists, Kathleen Kalinowski and Connie Kuhnle. I enjoyed having the beautiful landscapes, florals, and still lifes of oil and pastel, hanging in my home gallery.

We have enjoyed at least a dozen shows to date and plan to continue just as long as we derive enjoyment out of exhibiting Michigan art. Through this endeavor we have met so many really cool artists with such diversified ways of creating beauty. 

On Saturday, June 20 we will be welcoming Lowell artist, Cheryl Blodgett in gracing our walls with her marvelous paintings and drawings of face and figure. Her ability to find physical form in abstracted shapes and color is uncanny. Her work is meant to be stared at and contemplated for long moments of time, I think. 

Cheryl's paintings are a stark contrast from the serene and picturesque landscapes and still lives of Kathleen and Connie's. That is what I am talking about. Delicious diversity of creativity!

See our event page for more information.