About Us

Since the summer of 2010, my framing business, All Around Art, has quietly, but diligently 

transitioned into Merizon Studio. My husband, Wayne, our two cats, Deezil and Maudie 

and I moved to my parents' former home in the country to begin a new chapter in our lives. 

Merizon Studio evolved out of my father's studio which had been unused for quite some 

time. There was much clearing out and updating work to be done before we were able to

 continue our work as picture framers and artists.
Between the two of us, Wayne and I have almost 50 years of professional experience . I 
learned the art of picture framing in Ann Arbor, MI and Wayne, here in Grand Rapids. I am 

the framing designer specializing in archival fine art framing and shadowbox collage. I was

 my dad's framer for 16 years or more. He taught me a great deal about using framing as a 

complement to the art, which can sometimes be a very subtle thing. 
Wayne is a color pencil artist. He works very detailed and accurately and has completely 

many portraits of both people and animals with precision likeness. He accepts 

commissions for his pencil drawings, but needs at least 2 months notice for deadline 

obligations. Along with framing Wayne designs and crafts hand cut mirrors and light boxes.
 Most recently we've begun to use small scraps of leftover frame moulding to make face 

mirrors! Functional and aesthetic small mirrors that can fit anywhere in spaces that 

reflection is required or desired. We call them "face mirrors" because we all have to check 

our appearances from time to time, no? Most recently we have a WayneDrops facebook

page where our news mirrors can be seen along with the prices.
Merizon Studio also sells open edition fine art prints of selected Armand Merizon


Check out our prints page to see the beautiful options available. Since my dad was very 

 prolific and painted so many wonderful pieces, we would be glad to take suggestions of 

specific paintings to add to our print repertoire!

Merizon Studio sits a top a huge hill, that, on a clear day, reveals an incredible skyline view 

of  greater Grand Rapids spreading far to the east and the west. We are located at 9087 

Kalamazoo Ave, 10 miles south of Grand Rapids on the west side of the street between 

84th street and 92nd street.
 When you come up the driveway, straight ahead is a cute old red two stall garage with a 

pointed roof and stairs going up to a second level which sits in the shadow of a mammoth

old red barn that is the main focal point of the Merizon farm and homestead. The studio is 

located behind the house on the left. It is a little white building that was once a red chicken 

coop. You can't miss the sign that matches the black and white MERIZON STUDIO 

sandwich sign that sits near the road at all times except in the snowy winter months for 

fear that the plows will send it flying into the ditch. Behind the studio stands a old hog

house. It shares the same red patina of the two stall and the barn. It has a slated corn crib

built on the side that gives the building an interesting shape.
This past June marked the sixth year of our life on the farm. It is hard to believe how fast

the time has flown as we are always busy and often don't notice as the hours and days 

move by! Since the spring of 2011 we have had numerous art shows here at the house and 

studio. The artists are local Michigan talents and have been such a joy to share their 

paintings and drawings with our guests at very well attended opening events. Please 

check our event page for our future shows.