Custom Framing

Mary Serra Veneklase

The above painting was recently framed for Grand Rapids, MI artist, Mary Serra

 Veneklase. The painting is oil on board and small in size measuring 8" x 12". To

 give it more importance and balance to offset the boldness of the sunflower, we
chose a rich brown and sienna, wider frame and added a champagne colored

 fillet to highlight and enhance the subtle light on the flower petals. The fillet 

also serves as a division between the darks of the painting and the frame.  

The painting below is also by Serra and was framed at the same time. This 

painting measures 18" x 24" and is absolutely gorgeous! It is oil on hardboard.
We chose a frame of the same rich brown, but with just and added something to

add a bit of quiet pizzaz! The geometric lines of the frame which are almost
Frank Lloyd Wright in style, are a nice contrast to all the beautiful curves of the

flowers and leaves!  

Tell us what you think about it! 

Mary Serra Veneklase

We specialize in archival framing at Merizon Studio. We use only the best, materials and

 framing methods. My philosophy is that framing is expensive and it should be done right.

 It is an investment for the sake of your art piece. 

 We consider ourselves minimalists when it comes to framing. The purpose of a frame is to 

complement and protect a piece of art in a way that is almost imperceptible. You should 

never notice a frame or mat before you look at the art that is surround by it.                                        

DrArmand Merizon.

This Drawing by Armand Merizon is framed with museum glass. This glass not only keeps 

out 99% of harmful UV rays but it is very clear, almost reflection free.

Photo of custom made fly fishing Rod by Dr. Ken Rongey, with wood shavings

This shadowbox frame uses a matte black fillet to enhance the openings in the mat. The 

glass used for this piece is conservation clear glass. It is what we use most often. It keeps 

out 99% of UV rays but does not have the clarity of museum glass. They are both 

considered archival.

This is what happens to a piece of art work that has not be cared for correctly. The mat is 

not rag, or archival, but rather made out of paper. Paper has acid in it that will very quickly 

begin to turn your picture brown. Using regular glass will also allow your artwork to discolor 

as it does not keep out harmful ultra violet rays. \fäk-sin\ noun

        : brownish spots on old paper  

First use: 1873

Merizon Studio specializes in framing for artists. All artists get an automatic 20% off  custom framing.

 Kathleen Kalinowski


 Kathy Mikula Mohl

 Charles LaRue



 Charles LaRue


 Armand Merizon

Debra Sportel

 Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

 Judy Maier Crandall

We have a very wide and diverse selection of frame options to choose from.

Helping you select the frame that is right for you is what we like to do! If you are not 100% 

happy with your finished piece we will gladly make it right until you are satisfied!

That is our goal. That is why we do what we do! Please contact Chantal at 616-485-5752 or 

come and visit on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10 and 6pm!  

 The back is important too!