WayneDrop Mirrors

Wayne VanHeest originally worked for a glass and mirror company in Grand Rapids, designing and making mirrors. Always conscious of the environment and an avid recycler, Wayne was inspired to work with the scraps of mirror by fashioning them into interesting shapes and designs. One day, he created a raindrop-shaped mirror  and “WayneDrops” mirror design was born!

Wayne’s creative niche of designs organically grew in size and subject matter.  He now purchases sheets of mirror in clear, black, blue, green, bronze and gray colors. The rough pieces are handcrafted and shaped with glass cutters, nippers or saws.  Wayne meticulously molds and smooths the delicate mirrored glass with tools and sandpaper to create a custom, finished art piece. WayneDrops is always evolving with different shapes and designs and styles.


Custom ideas and specialty designs are welcome. Prices are determined per piece with consideration of time and materials.

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